Life Histories (18 total)

Mike Mahon

This exhibit is concerned with the life and memories of Mike Mahon. Mike was born in Dublin in 1945 and upon finishing school in 1962 he went to Military College in the Curragh, Co. Kildare, where he trained to become an Irish Army Cadet. Mike describes these years as the best time of his life. He shares some of his memories of Cadet training and the antics he got up to with his fellow trainees. After a spell with the FCA Mike began work as an airline pilot. His stories provide a vivid and fascinating account of the London to Sidney airrace which Mike competed in, in 1969.

Peter Layton

This exhibit is concerned with the life stories and memories of Peter Layton. In these stories, Peter remembers his childhood and early life in Germany in the 1930's. He describes how his family were torn apart duing the second world war and placed in German concentration camps. He shares his memories of his escape to England and later Australia as a refugee. Subsequently, Peter joined he British army and served in India before marrying and settling down with his wife and family in the Isle of Man and, later, Northern Ireland.

Tom Sutton

This exhibit displays the stories, images and documents of Tom Sutton. In this display, Tom shares his experiences and insights as he reflects upon his long life and his journey from early childhood in Belfast through to later life in Co. Antrim.

Tom was born and reared in Belfast in the 1930's and 40's. His stories contain happy memories of his childhood including descriptions of his wide family network as well as the games he played with his friends. He married Doreen in 1949 and together they had four children. In his stories Tom reflects upon the ups and downs of his life, including the tragic loss of their first born child, Elsa. His passion for bowling features strongly in Tom's life experiences and it is well documented through the stories, images and documents displayed in this exhibit.

Norma McCullough

This exhibit showcases the life and memories of Norma McCullough. Norma was born in 1937 in Belfast and her early memories record experiences of Blitz. In the documents, life stories and images displayed here Norma describes her memories of a happy family life. She reminds us all that it is never too late to shine through her own life experiences of returning to education in her retirement years.

Rosemary McCloskey

This exhibit documents the life and memories of Sr. Rosemary McCloskey. Rosemary was born in Belfast in 1946 and her stories provide a rich description of her childhood experiences of the 1950's. Upon completion of teacher training, Rosemary made the decision to join the Sisters of Mercy order of Catholic nuns. Her stories provide a fascinating description of her Novitiate training as well as her work with the missions in Africa.




Ita McClelland

This exhibit showcases the life and memories of Ita McClelland. Ita shares some of her life stories growing up in Co. Armagh in the 1950s and 1960s, seeing the changes of eletrification and indoor plumbing. She reminisces about the games and summer jobs of her childhood and adolescence. She shares her memories of her school days and later training to become a nurse. She describes how she advanced in that career and notes her many achievements. Ita remembered how she met her husband, Mickey, in a ballroom in Monaghan in 1980. They married in 1983 and later had two children. 

Margaret McLoughlin

This exhibit is concerned with the life stories and memories of Margaret McLoughlin. In her stories, Margaret reminisces about growing up in Dromahair Co. Sligo. She remembers leaving her home to attend a convent boarding school. She describes joining the Legion of Mary and working in the Post Office.

Margaret met her husband Sean in 1956 first in her office and later at a ballroom in Seapoint, Co. Galway. She describes their wedding day and remembers how they travelled to the Lake District for their honeymoon. Margeret and her husband had four children together and she describes their happy marred life.

After her children were reared, Margaret returned to work in the Irish Civil Service and she spent time living and working in Brussels. She notes that she is enjoying her retirement and she describes the voluntary work that she does.

Theresa Byrne

This exhibit documents the life and memories of Theresa Byrne. Theresa was born and reared in Dublin in the 1940's and she provides an account of the games she played as a child as well as her experiences of school. Theresa married and had three children, whom she is very proud of. In this exhibit she reflects upon her life and noting its high and low points and acknowledging her achievements and her happiness.