Dolly Misra


This exhibit displays the images, documents and life stories of Dolly Misra. Dolly was born in India in the 1940's and her stories provide a fascinating account of family and school life in India at that time. In particular, Dolly remembers the characters in her family and she describes her grandparents with great fondness. She emmigrated to the UK shortly after she was married. Her stories provide insight into the experience emmigration as she recalled the lonliness of this time as she reared her three children away from the support networks of her extended family. Dolly also remembers how she returned to education after her children were reared and she describes this as a time of 'freedom'.


McTiernan, K. & O'Donnell, D. (2012) Life Histories Archive,


Childhood and Early Life

This section of the exhibit details the childhood and early life of Dolly Misra.  She was born in India, and remembers her parents and grandparents fondly.  In her stories, Dolly describes some of her early memories of Diwali.  She also remembers her schooldays and particularly the strictness of her teachers as well as the exams she successfully passed.

Adolescence and Early Adulthood

This section of the exhibit displays the life stories, images and documents of Dolly which relate to her adolescence and early adulthood.  She remembers being a rebellious adolescent who revolted against her parents.  Dolly completed a Bachelor of Arts in English, History and Oriya (Comp.).

Marriage and Family

This section of the exhibit is concerned with Dolly's memories of marriage and family life.  She describes her wedding day and the birth of her two children.  Subsequently she moved to South Wales with her family, which was a difficult time for Dolly as she had two small children. 

She remembers their first house in Limavady, Northern Ireland.  She describes her children growing up in Northern Ireland, in particular their schooldays and various achievements. 


Work and Employment

This section of the exhibit outlines Dolly's memories of work and employment.  These memories include her first job in Northern Ireland, and the sense of independence it gave her.

She desribes her many achievements and certificates.


This section of the exhibit displays the stories of Dolly in whch she reflects upon her life's journey. In these stories she looks back on her biggest achievement: her children. She reflects upon the great tragedy of her life which was the death of her daughter Sima in 1999.