'The flats in Dublin at that time had to be experienced to be believed '

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'The flats in Dublin at that time had to be experienced to be believed '


Harry Browne describes the digs and flats his wife Sheila lived in when she came to Dublin.


Harry Browne


Trinity College Dublin




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When I first met her Sheila was living in 'digs' in Mountjoy Street, very close to the City centre. She was working in Bailey Gibson on the South Circular Road. Later she moved to a flat in Stamer street on the South Circular Road. In none of these residences were male visitors allowed. In all these moves her flatmate was Ann Guerin, her cousin. The flats in Dublin at that time had to be experienced to be believed. One of Sheila's friends had a flat where the cooker was under a drop - down cover which then formed a table. The room was so small that it was quite possible to sit up in bed, fill the kettle and set it on the stove to boil, all without stirring from the bed. In many cases these rooms were reeking with damp and access to the various flats constituted a serious fire hazard. Nonetheless we all seemed to enjoy our lives immensely. Youth is wonderful. Eventually in November 1964 Sheila moved to Drumcondra Road having gotten a job in Hely Group in Santry. This flat was spacious by previous standards as it consisted of a large bedroom and separate kitchen. Here again visiting by boyfriends was discouraged and I had to be off the premises by eleven o'clock under pain of dire consequences. Ann Guerin later met Barry Mellerick who hailed from Killavullen in Co Cork. To my complete disgust the landlady allowed Barry to stay overnight in a downstairs room whenever he came to Dublin . I still had to be off the premises by eleven o'clock.


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