'The lovely fountain pen I got from Uncle Ben in Egypt'

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'The lovely fountain pen I got from Uncle Ben in Egypt'


Mary reflects on her school days and her happy memories of those times.


Mary Dynan


Trinity College Dublin




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Mary Dynan

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Ballymena, Co. Down

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School in St. Louis is mostly good memories. In Ballymena. Singing in the front hall with Sr. Marie Gertrude, playing around the huge rhododendron bushes which could become any place you wanted to imagine. My tenth birthday and the retreat. The lovely fountain pen I got from Uncle Ben in Egypt. The 'Cyberaldermans'. Not so good rushing for the bus - missing it - and having to go to school in the 'Antrim lorry'. Kilkeel was full of music - piano, violin, singing - being on children's hour. Havelock Nelson writing a special piece for us to sing. Being fond of all things Irish - being excited to learn the language of my forefathers - enjoying being in the annual Irish play. Competing at Newcastle Feis. Going to the Gaeltacht. Enjoying the rhythm of life in school, the religious practices and devotions, the friendship of both the girls and the masters.


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