'J'member '

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'J'member '


A poem Mike Mahon wrote reflecting on his childhood.


Mike Mahon


Trinity College Dublin




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J' member. J'member the days we played ball on the streets, Not a care in the world as we munched on our sweets. No cars to disrupt us 'cept cops on the beat Plodding their way on oversized feet. J'member the days when the milk was delivered, The coalman came too in case we were shivered. A horse pulled the bread van and lots of cake too. Oh, the smell was divine as we joined in the queue. J'member the summers when the days were so hot, It melted the tar as we stood on the spot. J'member the winters all buried in snow, When of to the pictures we would all go. J'member the school where we went to be learning, T'was a bit of a joke till exam time came bearing. We chewed on our pencils and splattered the ink As we scratched our gray matter to help us to think. J'member the mother so kind and so dear As she slaved in the kitchen to bring us good cheer. And dad as he worked in the factory by day Arriving back home with plenty of pay. J'member the days when the feel of a breast Would send us off scurrying quick to confess To the men in black boxes that lurked in their lair And left us in tears and utter despair




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