'Eventually I surrendered to his invitation for a date.'

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'Eventually I surrendered to his invitation for a date.'


Theresa Byrne remembers meeting her husband and their courtship. In particular she remembers how their life together has been happy despite financial and health ups and downs.


Theresa Byrne


Trinity College Dublin




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I met my husband Michael at a dance in the Crystal Ballroom in South Anne Street, Dublin. He with his friends and me with mine. We danced quite a lot together over the weeks, resulting in both his and my friends eventually sitting and chatting together. Friendships and impressions developed. Every week he posed the same question: _��what's this you said your name was?' This was his way of a friendly mess but sometimes I ignored the question. He was a good looking guy, thin, not tall, with black wavy hair, a smiling tanned face and large brown eyes, of neat appearance and very neatly dressed. Eventually I surrendered to his invitation for a date. For us it was a good friendship and over time love blossomed. We freewheeled into marriage, a friend conducted the marriage ceremony and the honeymoon was spent in Jersey. Compared to many people we were on top of the world, a new house, secure employment and the rest. Together we have learned to enjoy all the good things in life. However, we have endured many, many challenges both financial and health wise and have come through together with flying colours.




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