'TB in that period was rampant and everyone was terrified of it'

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'TB in that period was rampant and everyone was terrified of it'


Margaret remembers some aspects of village life.


Margaret McLoughlin


Trinity College Dublin




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There was a great sense of neighbourliness in the village. Patrick Oates who used to run a hackney service got a stroke and was sick for quite a while. Mammy used to take turns with other women to sit up all night with him. She would arrive in the kitchen when Daddy had got our breakfast and the I think she went to bed for a few hours when we went to school. TB in that period was rampant and everyone was terrified of it. One family lost three children all in their teens I think. They were the Mc Garry's of Market Street. It was a very sad time. For years there was no wireless so one made your own fun. There was always someone visiting in our house and maybe they would do a bit of knitting while chatting. There were no locked doors - people would just walk in. When we children went to bed we made up our own games. One such game was 'I'm going to a house tomorrow' and there's so many children and a mother and father maybe a granny or a dog and the other person had to say what house it was. Of course being in a village one could do that.


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