Maisie McNailly


This exhibit is concerned with the life stories and memories of Maisie McNailly. Maisie was born and reared in Lisnick, Co. Down in the 1930's and she shares her happy memories of rural family life at this time. She notes that while rural country life was quiet and there was little by way of entertainment, she remembers that she was never bored and she looks back on this time with a sense of happiness.

In her early adulthood Maisie trained to be a nurse and she continued to work in this feld for thirty-seven years. Her stories provide a fascinating account of the apprenticeship approach to nursing training which she underwent.

Maisie did not have children of her own but she explains that she was always very close to her nieces and nephews. She continues to enjoy a close relationship with her family.


McTiernan, K. & O'Donnell, D. (2012) Life Histories Archive,


Childhood and Early Life

In this section of the exhibit the life stories and images which relate to Maisie's childhood and early life are displayed. In her stories, Maisie shares her memories of growing up in Lisnick, Co. Down. Her accounts are concerned with rural family life and she remembers her school days.

Adolescence and Early Adulthood

In this section of the exhibit, Maisie reflects on being a teenager in Lisnick. She recalls that there was little by way of entertainment available as a teenager in Co. Down.

Marriage and Family

This section of the exhibit is concerned with Maisie's accounts of her family life. Maisie describes her close relationsip with her nieces, nephews and grandnieces and nephews too.

Work and Employment

This section of the exhibit is concerned with Maisie's working life. The stories and images displayed in this section provide a rich account of Maisie's nursing career and she details the apprenticeship training model that she underwent.


Maisie writes of the many European trips she took and activities she was involved in after retiring from her thirty-seven year nursing career in the Belfast City Hospital and Jubilee Maternity Hospital.


Maisie's church group has been an important part of her life.