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Picture of Harry Browne's parents' wedding

Dolly's sister and her husband on their wedding day.

Billy Gallagher with his wife and their family on their wedding day.

A photo of Billy Gallagher and his wife, Eithne, on their wedding day.

A family photo taken on Billy Gallagher's parents' wedding day

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Billy Gallagher's parents on their wedding day.

I was married in 1959 in Lisburn Road Methodist Church. I was also baptised in this church. I met my husband at Finaghy Dramatic Society. He was the producer. On my first date I went to the grand opera house,Belfast. I got engaged on 29 May 1957. We…

Tom and Doreen's wedding announcement in the local newspapers

This is the invitation sent by Mary Dynan's mother on the occasion of Mary's marriage to Muredach Dynan.

Our wedding reception was in the North Coast Hotel, Portmarnock. This is a brochure showing the menu option