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Now I needed to find employment. Cecilia had been applying for jobs for me before I got home and I had a couple of interviews but was unsuccessful. One day I saw an advertisement for a tutor for a group called Altram, which had just been set up, in…

I bought a Nissan Hi-rider truck in Francistown. I got money transferred from home for this. When I went to get a cheque or bank draft to pay for the truck, Barclay's bank wanted to charge me quite an amount for this, and so I requested that they…

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Life had its ups and down as anyone who has ever had the privilege of working with teenagers will testify. I had bought a Nissan Sunny car from Peter Aiken in Harare, and it was a beautiful car. Romuald thought he was the' bees' knee's in this car. I…

A picture of Rosemary McCloskey with her car

Billy Gallagher's car c.1970


Mary sitting in a old car

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A photo of Maura Corr with her father on her Wedding Day.