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Religious poem from a newspaper

Religious poem

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Poem by Hugh Duncan about delivering mail

Tribute to Anne Duncan, Hugh's wife, by Dr. Rowney

To Rosemary... A Tribute on Your 60th Birthday R ejoice as you celebrate six decades to date O ctober 1946, the day was the eighth S pecial, first born grandchild, first daughter of eight E arliest years in Rosevale Street, so much more to…

The Valley lay smiling before me. ByThomas Moore The valley lay smiling before me where lately I left her behind Yet I trembled and something hung o'er me That saddened the hoys of my mind I looked for the lamp which she told me Should shine when her…


A picture of Margaret and her friend Vera who wrote a poem on the back.

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THE HUG Its wonderous what a hug can do. A hug can cheer you when you're blue. A hug can say !I love you so_ѝ, Or 'Gee! I hate to see you go._ѝ A hug says 'welcome back again!_ѝ 'Glad to see you; where've you been?_ѝ A hug can soothe a small…

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Life, like a game of bowls is but an end Which to play well this moral verse attend. Throw not your bowl too swiftly from you hand, First let its course, by reason's eye be planned Lest it roll useless o'er the verdant plain This sanguine life be…

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'O, it was out by Donnycarney When the bat flew from tree to tree My love and I did walk together; And sweet were the words she said to me. Along with us the summer wind Went murmuring - O, happily! - But softer than the breath of summer Was…

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