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A picture of Rosemary McCloskey with her pupils in Mercy Primary School

A picture of Rosemary McCloskey taken with her school friends, Reenie Cosgrave and Mary Clarken, taken at the back of St Dominic's High School

A picture of Rosemary McCloskey's younger sisters Margaret, Ann and Jacqueline

A photo of Ita McClelland's children.

A photo of Ita McClelland with two friends, Patricia Murray and Bridge Kane, during their nurses' training in the skin's ward of the hospital.

A Menu for the 25 Year Nursing College Reunion Dinner in 2000 at The Four Seasons, Co. Monaghan.

I remember as a boy some other boys in The Boys Brigade. They wore little pillbox hats and navy like jerseys with matching socks. I couldn't join because my parents couldn't afford to buy me a uniform. I also remember the little girls going to…

A photo of Mary Dynan with her secondary school friends. Mary is first on the left of the second row.

A picture of Mary Dynan in her St. Louis school uniform with her friend.