'School teachers had always their pets and favouritism was noticed all the time'

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'School teachers had always their pets and favouritism was noticed all the time'


Dolly Misra reflects on her secondary education.


Dolly Misra


Trinity College Dublin




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I went to a big Girls' High School surrounded by a big high wall. I used to go to school in a school bus where there was a lady attendant who looked after us that we were comfortable and not any fight. I was an above average student and working hard at school keeping good marks. We used to stay in one class and teachers used to change over for different subjects. English was my most favourite subject. I enjoyed history, literature, geography. Maths was not too bad, but didn't like art, home - economics or dressmaking. I hated Sanskrit (Latin) and not doing too well. School teachers had always their pets and favouritism was noticed all the time. I hated my dressmaking teacher, but loved my English teacher. Another thing I disliked about the school was toilet. The sanitary condition was not too well and the floor was always wet and smelly. There was no canteen in the school, but in each break time, people used to come to sell some snacks. My favourite was roasted peanuts and curried chick peas with puffed rice. Our pocket money was always spent in break time. We used to have lots of fun with our friends. I used to love most of the outdoor sports 'Sports Day_ヒン was my most memorable day at school. I was a good runner and achieved lots of medals and cups and prizes for races and games. Since the childhood I was fond of doing charitable work and fund raising. I was involved in Red Cross and Guides and helping the people and working for flood relief and drought. We were touring the villages on behalf of the school guides supervised by our teachers and helping the poor people distributing clothes and food. I had a good school education until I went to the university.


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