'We commenced riding at eight o 'clock on the Saturday and arrived in Belfast at six o 'clock the same day '

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'We commenced riding at eight o 'clock on the Saturday and arrived in Belfast at six o 'clock the same day '


Harry Browne describes cycling to and from Dublin and Belfast to raise money for charity.


Harry Browne


Trinity College Dublin




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In 1993 under the influence of a fit of madness Sheila persuaded me that it would be good to take part in a Maracycle for Co - Operation North. This involved a journey to Belfast on a bicycle, a journey of 100 miles followed by the return journey the next day. We commenced riding at eight o'clock on the Saturday and arrived in Belfast at six o'clock the same day. There were 4500 other people on the same trip and I am convinced that each and every one of them passed me out on the trip up and also on the trip back again. This was a truly gruelling experience and it was months before the pain in the back of my neck and across my shoulders wore off. Sheila and I collected ԣ2500.00 for the Guide Dogs for the Blind and so some good came out of the trip. In 1994 we repeated the experience once more. The first occasion was born out of ignorance but the second was simply a form of lunacy.


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