'I am where I am now and grateful that I'm here'

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'I am where I am now and grateful that I'm here'


Maura reflects on life as a journey, one she looks back happily on.


Maura Corr


Trinity College Dublin




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When I think of my years at secondary school (no free education then) they were only the beginning of my adult education. But I would have liked to continue because I was open to learning and would have been challenged to try and reach my potential. However, maybe it was best to go out to work and learn so much from the people I met, good and bad. To mix and discover everything now instead of keeping my head in a book. I am where I am now and grateful that I'm here. I see my friends long gone an my social life deflated. Maybe that's the way it should be, because it would be only repetition of what I'd already done. Now I can sit back and enjoy life, watch the grandson thrive. This birds rob my strawberries. The tomatoes grow, the flowers and weeds fighting for space, but best of all, I don't have the worry of someone coming home late at night, praying that they are safe.


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