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Tom's children sitting in the garden

Relations on my father's side were the Mc Namara's . They lived about four miles outside. My earliest recollection of them visiting us was when they came on a big side car and when the visit was over they had lanterns which had to be lit - I…

A picture of Rosemary McCloskey's maternal grandparents, Rose and James McMacken taken in their garden in Dungiven

A photo of Ita McClelland in a garden wearing her communion dress.

A photo of Ita McClelland as a young teenager in her front garden.

When I think of my years at secondary school (no free education then) they were only the beginning of my adult education. But I would have liked to continue because I was open to learning and would have been challenged to try and reach my…

We had a very large garden due to the fact that the river Wad traverses it underground and no houses could be built on the spot. I was not an enthusiastic gardener and the garden was left to grow wild for a number of years. When we finally decided to…

A photo of Maisie McNailly in the garden wearing a flower-covered hat.

A photo of Peter's wife Linda and her grandson Simon sitting in the garden on a sunny day.

Peter pictured in his garden sawing up a conker tree.

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