'Put a microphone under my nose or a TV Camera in my face and I became a new man. '

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'Put a microphone under my nose or a TV Camera in my face and I became a new man. '


Michael Carlin reflects on his interest in writing. When he was younger he wrote a music column for the Newry Telegraph, and now that he is retired he has joined the U3A and continues to enjoy writing and reporting. Michael also remembers his time as a PRO for the Newry Chamber of Trade, trying to encourage cross-boarder shopping. He now enjoys his time with the U3A and looks forward to travelling in the future.


Michael Carlin


Trinity College Dublin




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I have always had a thirst for knowledge so one of the first things that I did when I reduced my work load was - I joined the U3A. Now, that was a good decision. I love the two classes I joined, the 'Life Story writing Group' and 'Radio for Seniors'. Writing has always interested me and, shortly after I joined my father in Carlin Records, I began writing a weekly music column for the Newry Telegraph. I did this for 10 years until the paper was taken over by the Newry Reporter, by which time I was married and had other priorities. Since joining U3A, I contribute a monthly piece on the Centre's activities to the Newry Reporter. In my role as PRO of the Newry Chamber of Trade at the height of the cross border shopping boom, I was on constant call to all the major broadcast media outlets both north and south. Talk about an adrenalin rush! Put a microphone under my nose or a TV Camera in my face and I became a new man. Through the U3A I can now indulge both of these passions and, of course, I have met a lot of new people which is an extra bonus. Looking to the future, I would like to use my free time to travel more - Russia, China and Cuba are on my list; try to discipline myself to read more (not just on holiday) and set aside time to visit extended family, old friends and neighbours.


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