'Getting my first car was a great achievement and a memorable one.'

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'Getting my first car was a great achievement and a memorable one.'


Theresa Byrne recalls memorable occasions. In particular she remembers her first car and how it was stolen twice.


Theresa Byrne


Trinity College Dublin




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Memorable occasions were the Christenings, the First Holy Communions, the Confirmations, the first days at school, the weddings and the birth of my grandchildren. Getting my first car was a great achievement and a memorable one. I bought it in a garage in Baldoyle. A wine coloured mini it cost �100.00. It was the greatest crock but the freedom it afforded me was magical. It was stolen on two occasions, once outside a supermarket in Donaghmede, while I ran in for milk during a milk strike. Inside was a very new McClarens buggy, a very fashionable item to own, and two little overcoats belonging to my children. The heartbreak and the pain and the disruption it causes to people is chronic. Another time was outside the Four Courts. Eventually, when I did get it back, it needed lots of repairs done to it.


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