'...when I opened the door and came in I knew it was right for me. I always seem to have a sixth sense about houses.'

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'...when I opened the door and came in I knew it was right for me. I always seem to have a sixth sense about houses.'


Rosemary remembers arriving home to Belfast after many years living in Africa. She remembers buying a house there.


Rosemary McCloskey


Trinity College Dublin




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I returned home to Belfast towards the end of May 1997. The first morning after my arrival I bought my present home XXX Oldpark Road Belfast. My sisters, Cecilia and Jacqueline, had found this place for me after a lot of searching. I was limited to a strict budget and the house fell within that and was in reasonable condition. They had arranged for me to view the house at 9:30am the morning after I arrived and there was also an appointment set up with Gerard O'Hare (solicitor) in High Street to sign up for it. I arrived at 9:30am to find the estate agent awaiting me with the sad story that he did not have the keys to the property as the person who had viewed it last had not returned them. I went to St Gemmas's to tell Cecilia and she was very annoyed about this and asked me what I was thinking of doing. I said I was going to see Mr O'Hare at 10:30am as arranged and sign for the house. 'But you haven't seen it' she said 'But you have' I replied, 'and that is good enough for me' And so I met with Mr O'Hare (who holds the title and deeds) and signed up for the house and I have never regretted that. On the way back from town I collected Sr Maureen McKinney from the Glen. I said that I had just bought a house and asked if she would come with me to see it. She agreed and we collected the keys from the agent at the top of the Cavehill Road and when I opened the door and came in I knew it was right for me. I always seem to have a sixth sense about houses. I can almost sense a positive atmosphere or vibes in a place and that has happened any time I dealt with property for myself. I was delighted with the place. That afternoon I bought a bed in Donegall Street and asked the dealer if he could collect some of my bits and pieces from the home place when he would be delivering the bed and bring them to 594. He did this next day and I moved in immediately. Of course there were few things needing attention. The windows needed to be replaced, as did the central heating and I got this done during the first few months. A more important event took place on 22nd June 1997. My sister Margaret gave birth to her second son, Michael John McQuillan in the Mater Maternity Hospital and I was asked to be his godmother. I was overjoyed, and that little boy is very special to me, although I dearly love all my nieces and nephews. I spent a good bit of time with Margaret that summer, pushing prams as she had Joseph just one year old. God was very good to bless them with these two boys who are a real asset to the family. Aunt Rosalin came to see my house and took a real interest in it. She bought me some beautiful plants for the garden and as far as I recall it was a good summer and the place looked wonderful once the flowers began to bloom.


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