'I did not know how I could continue working in such a college where this was not only permitted, but approved of.'

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'I did not know how I could continue working in such a college where this was not only permitted, but approved of.'


Rosemary remembers being shocked to discover that the college in which she was working in in England provided information on contraception and abortion to the students.


Rosemary McCloskey


Trinity College Dublin




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I got on very well in the college and was quite happy there making many friends. However, one morning I was called to a meeting for new lecturers. It was fine until the person who was in charge of student welfare told us about the wonderful service he provided for the students. He said they had a lovely place to relax in and mentors to help with their studies to ensure that they could all succeed, and then he said that condoms were provided and terminations arranged for those who needed them. I could not believe my ears. I was teaching child care as were so many others in the college and here was this guy telling us how he was so good to the students arranging terminations for them. He was involved in the murder of innocent children! I was shocked beyond words and left the meeting. I did not know how I could continue working in such a college where this was not only permitted, but approved of. I went to the human resources department where staff members went if one had any issues to discuss. I explained what this man had said, and how I could not agree to this. I was told that I should leave my views outside the college. I replied, 'when you hired me you got the package. Do you realise that you are promoting and condoning murder. If someone was shot dead in the car park you would have the media here and a whole fuss would be made about murder, but you think it is acceptable to arrange to have young children murdered! Well it is not!' Of course the news spread that I had strong views on abortion and I fell out of favour. Towards the end of the academic year my head of department, Christine Temple and the head of division, Gordon Hall, took me aside and strongly advised me to look for work in the primary sector as I was not managing here. Strange that was, because I was the only lecturer in the department who had one hundred per cent success with the students. I did not resign, but held on until the end of September that year. I was offered every facility for finding jobs, for using the internet and anything else I required, in order to help me out of the place. I also registered with Carewatch and SureCare, two care agencies in Nuneaton, to supplement my income by working at care work at weekends. I recall the glorious summer mornings when I would set out from Nuneaton through the pretty villages of Leicestershire like Fenny Drayton, Market Bosworth, Barton in the Beans etc. to see to old folks and invalids in their own homes. The sun always seemed to be shining and I loved those days for I felt that I was able to help others who needed assistance. Surecare sent me to work in Cowlees Nursing home near Bedworth, with dementia patients. That was tough but rewarding work, as well.


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