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The church where Harry Browne got married

Billy Gallagher with his extended family.

A photo taken on the wedding day of Billy Gallagher's son, Peter.

A picture of Billy Gallagher's home in the snow.

Billy Gallagher's wife and their daughter.

Billy Gallagher with his wife and their family on their wedding day.

A photo of Billy Gallagher and his wife, Eithne, on their wedding day.

The children had been going to a small private school, Avoca and Kingstown preparatory school. The teachers were quaint old ladies who spoke both nicely and kindly. I was paying by post-dated cheques to Eithne's great embarrassment but all the…

Eithne more or less gave up work on having Patrick and became a full time mother of immense patience. Her contribution to our marriage would cover perhaps 80% of it; my only job was to earn the money. I went out to work, she ran the house and…

We had no sexual relationship before marriage and on our wedding day one of her married brothers took me aside and told me not to rush sex, to leave it for a day or two until we were both ready. We were married in Donnybrook Church on 15th January…