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'There was a man who took a wife To walk beside him through his life They walked through sunshine and through rain They walked through pleasure and through pain She wore a dress of yellow gold She was a wonder to behold And underneath a purple…

I was introduced to my husband by my sister. Our first meeting was at a friend's house. We got married on 4th of February, 1957. I was very nervous and anxious. I was wearing a red silk sari with a matching top and lots of expensive jewelleries. We…

Photograph of Hugh Duncan's wife meeting the President of the Irish Republic, Mary McAleese

Photograph of Hugh Duncan and his wife at the Mansion House, Dublin

Photograph of Hugh Duncan and his wife at the Burrendale Hotel Chest Care Group

Photograph of Hugh Duncan's son Thomas and his wife Margaret

Photograph of Hugh Duncan and His wife Ann, aged 19 years

Photograph of Hugh Duncan's grandchildren

Photograph of Hugh Duncan's wife, aged 19

A picture of Harry Browne on his wedding day with his wife Sheila and their bridal party