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Still involved in youth clubs I went to a weekend conference in Red Island holiday camp in Skerries. It was for the youth leaders from all the Dublin youth clubs. At that time all youth leadership was voluntary, the idea of being paid was…

When I got married in July 1959 I went to live above the shop which my husband owned,just off the Crumlin Road. The Crumlin Road is in North Belfast and is parallel with the Shankhill and Falls Road. Our shop was in Danube Street,this was a happy…

This is the invitation sent by Mary Dynan's mother on the occasion of Mary's marriage to Muredach Dynan.

Memoriam tribute to Hugh Duncan's wife, Hanna Duncan

This is the front page of Harry Browne's wedding album - he married Sheila in 1966

The wedding stationary for Avril Patterson's wedding celebrations.

The service booklet from the marriage ceremony of Avril Patterson (nee Eakin) and Tom Patterson.

A postcard from Avril Patterson's honeymoon with a message from her husband, Tom. They spent their honeymoon in Kilarney in Co. Kerry.

Photograph of Theresa Byrne and her husband leaving for their Honeymoon in Jersey

Photograph of Theresa Byrne and her husband on her wedding day