'My first job was in a shop in Grafton Street.'

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'My first job was in a shop in Grafton Street.'


Theresa Byrne remembers her first job as a cashier in a shop on Grafton Street. She remembers the record she bought with her first paycheck. She describes the friendships she made through work outings.


Theresa Byrne


Trinity College Dublin




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My work was as a cashier for a wholesale grocery company. Every morning I arose at 7.30 am and I cycled or walked to work, depending on the weather. My first job was in a shop in Grafton Street. As far as I remember, the wages received was between �5 and �7 per week. This, after my contribution to the household, was spent on a record called _��Carmen', my first long player. The household work at home was mainly done by myself, simply because I enjoyed it. Usually, work related outings were enjoyable and often you ended up with a totally different opinion about someone you thought previously you knew well and I mean that in a positive way. Friendships were formed at work and I enjoyed good relations with my work colleagues who funnily enough were for the most part from the country.


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